MECS Montessori Phonetic Reading Program Introduction

Bring an exact private Montessori Tutor into your home - "always patient, always present"

The culmination of over 32 years of teaching and tutoring refinement!  Perhaps the most powerful sensorial-based reading and phonetics material on the market today!  Montessori teacher's voice and clever animations guide children step-by-step through the learning to read process from simple short sounds of the alphabet, to digraphs, diphthongs, puzzle words, etc.

The Montessori reading method now comes alive on the computer!

"See, Hear, Say, Move and Say as you Move" strategy proven through years of tutoring children with:

Reading Module 1 - Page 1  
Short Vowel 3-Letter Words

"provide memory hooks for true learning."

"B" & "D"  -  SORT LESSONS  -  "P" & "Q"

Children interact with their own  private tutor.

  • The human mind remembers best in moving colored
    pictures with sound enhanced by our own speech. 
  • Animated lessons build movies in student's mind.
    Inviting, entertaining visual and verbal cues.
  • Student says each key story with on-screen tutor.
  • Utilize sight, hearing, speech for imprinting.

Many higher level extensions with manipulation of materials 

  • Three-period lessons on mirror image letters           
     (b, d and p, q)!

  • Eliminate normal "reversals" once and for all!  

  • Movement is added to sight, sound and speech for   
    long-term memory!


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